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Jeremy P. Pierson
2674 Hornblend St. Apt. G
San Diego, CA 92109 - 4824
Phone: (619) 272 - 8923
ICQ Chat: 8677223
Webpage: or
Co-Op Production URL:
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  1. Objective:

    To obtain a position with a reputable company, utilize and expand my knowledge in any of the following: customer service, computer consulting, graphic and/or webpage design, system administration.

  2. Qualities:
    1. Systematic, efficient, organized approach.
    2. Work well with others in a friendly & professional manner.
    3. Creative, strong desire to apply my talents, and learn.
    4. Intuitive, new working ideas & solutions.
    5. Adapt well, versatile, able to handle many types of projects.

  3. Qualifications:
    1. Varied customer service: credit, phone, FAX, voice mail, and E-mail.
    2. Diverse computer background: MSDOS, UNIX, AmigaOS, WIN95, Win-NT.
    3. Webpage design: HTML, ASP, graphics, sound, scripts, maintenance, promotion.
    4. Internet: E-mail, WWW, FTP, telnet, usenet newsgroups, IRC, ICQ, etc.
    5. Hardware/software installation, maintenance, and troubleshooting.
    6. Wordprocessing: MSword, NotePad, HTML editors such as Home Site.
    7. Graphics: Adobe, Paint Shop Pro 5 & Animation Shop, Fractal Design Detailer, various raytracers, renderers, fractal programs, and numerous plugin filters.

  4. Education:

    Bonita Vista High School - received diploma with honors 1987
    Southwestern College - acquired an AS degree - 3.75 GPA 1989

  5. Some possibly related work Experience:
    Position: Webpage design/System admin. Jan 1998 to present
      Duties: Webpage HTML editor, add new content, streamline existing code.  
              Use ASP includes on IIS4 MicroSoft servers.  Implementation of 
              Perl & Java scripts.  Website promotion, custom HTML & META
              tags.  Graphics, including animated GIF banner ads.  Write 
              programs to manage & automate large file handling tasks.  
              Installation of hardware & software, system maintenance.  Pay 
              close attention to various security aspects.  Ensure data 
              integrity.  T1 internet/LAN & PBX phone wiring.  Assist 
              clients via telephone & e-mail.
       Phone: Scott Muglia, Bill Daly - (619) 715 - 0585 at LawStuff.Com
         FAX: LawStuff.Com FAX - (619) 715 - 9901
    Position: Computer consultant - 1994 to present
      Duties: Installation of hardware & software, system setup &
              maintenance, periodic backup, software training, research, and
              on call support.
       Phone: Barbara Campbell - (619) 429 - 6400 work
                                       674 - 7304 home & FAX
    Position: Computer consultant - 1992 to 1996
      Duties: Installation of hardware & software, system setup &
              maintenance, periodic backups, implement security
              measures, and on call support.
         Fax: Inez Britt - (619) 475 - 2664
    Position: Web Design/Junior Unix Admin. - Jun '90 - Jan '93
      Duties: Interaction with students and staff,  developed an
              informative campus web, assisted with unix admin.
       Phone: Kevin Gray of USD - (619) 260 - 0699
  6. Conclusion:

    If you find me suitable for employment, I will strive to be an asset, adding to the prestige of your company.